53 Percent of Floridians Still Think Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal

In its seemingly random sports poll released today, Public Policy Polling did sneak in a few poll questions about actual public policy

Though a majority of Americans now support gay marriage, Floridians aren't quite ready for it. Though, they do, by a large majority, support civil unions for same-sex couple. It also turns out that very few Floridians support Republicans' efforts to reform medicare. 

53 percent tell PPP that gay marriage should be illegal, while only 37 percent think it should be legal. 

The picture is much more hopeful for gay couples, though, when an option about civil unions is added to the mix. 33 percent think gay couples should be allowed to legally marry, 34 percent prefer civil unions, and only 31 percent think there should be no legal recognition for gay couples whatsoever. 

So assuming voters who support gay marriage would support civil unions as well, that's a giant 67 percent of Floridians who would support civil unions. Which begs the question: why the hell isn't their a serious push in Florida for civil unions? 

True, the writers of amendment two, passed back in 2008, claimed the wording of the amendment would not only ban gay marriage but civil unions and domestic partnerships as well. Though, that interpretation hasn't been tested by the courts. The florida legislature could take up the issue, but probably wouldn't. Given that 67 percent number, though, another constitutional amendment passing civil unions and reversing portions of the previous amendment could find success in Florida. 

Anyway, Floridians oppose Paul Ryan's

proposal for reforming Medicare by 40 percent. Only 24 percent support it. Maybe that's why 45 percent of Floridians say they'd vote for a Democrat for congress, while only 40 percent say they'd vote for a Republican. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder