53 Percent of Floridians Oppose Cuban Embargo

After almost 55 years, the tides of public perception are changing when it comes to the Cuban embargo. A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows that 53 percent of Floridians support ending the embargo. Only 22 percent supports keeping the embargo in place.

There's noticeable differences amongst support amongst political identification, but the idea of ending the embargo has support across the spectrum. Fifty-seven precent of Democrats, 42 percent of Republicans, and 64 percent of independents support ending the embargo.

Florida, of course, is the closest state to Cuba and has the largest Cuban-American population. So support in the state is particularly notable, but not much of a surprise compared to recent national polls taking on the issue. In February, a poll released by the Atlantic Council found 56 percent of all American supported normalizing relations with Cuba. That poll interestingly found 62 percent support amongst Floridians.

Meanwhile, a poll conducted last week for the Miami Herald found that 46 percent of Miami-Dade residents supported ending the embargo.

Support for ending the embargo has come as President Raul Castro has ushered Cuba towards a "softer" style of communism and lessened several restrictions on the island. Of course, several American businesses are eager to do business on the island as well.

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Kyle Munzenrieder