53 Glenn Beck Fans' Cars Towed From UCF Frat Lot

Normally, we don't want to pretend we're in the same state as Orlando, but hats off to these University of Central Florida frat boys who allegedly pulled off an epic prank on tea baggers visiting the school to hear Glenn Beck speak.

The Beck fans showed up and saw signs pointing them toward free parking for the event. After hearing Glenn Beck say whatever it is Glenn Beck says, they returned to the lot to find their cars gone.

That might have been because they parked in the Kappa Sigma lot.

From WFTV:

The people parked in a Kappa Sigma lot. Mike Vedder thinks they were set up. He doesn't know if it was a dislike of the conservative commentator or money.

"Maybe they have a deal with the tow truck company, or maybe they got kickbacks under the table," Vedder said.
You know, maybe it's not the best idea to prank people who are fueled by the thought that the entire world is out to get conservatives. This kind of stuff only makes them stronger.

Each victim had to pay $125, and it took the towing company eight hours to tow all 53 cars.

[WFTV via Wonkette]

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Kyle Munzenrieder