13.4 Million Overnight Visitors Came to Miami Last Year and Spent $20.7 Billion

2011 was a banner year for tourism in Miami-Dade as records were set not only for the number of tourists who stayed overnight in the county, but also for how much money they left behind. According to numbers released today by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau 13.4 million tourists stayed over night in Miami-Dade in 2011, and they spent $20.7 billion dollars. Foreign tourists make up a significant amount of those tourists, and account for an even more significant amount of that spending.

Those 13.4 million overnight visitors were up 6.7 percent from 2010.

That $20.7 billion is up 10 percent from the year before. Both numbers are records.

That means, on average, each tourist spends a little more than $1500 during their stay, but not all visitors spend equally.

While 48 percent of visitors to the 305 were of the international variety in 2011, their wallets shelled out 70 percent of all money spent by tourists. That's likely because they tend to stay longer, and shop more. As we've previously noted, tourists from Brazil in particularly have shown a flair for spending big when they come to Miami.

Miami Beach continues to be the area's tourism hub, to the surprise of, well no one. Forty-four percent of visitors stayed on the beach. Just 22 percent rested their heads on the hotel pillows of downtown Miami.

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