12-Year-Old Allegedly Trades Sex for Pot and Starts Playground Pot Ring

Sometimes it seems like Miami really is tainting the rest of the state. Take this disturbing news from Palm Bay, a city up along Florida's northern Atlantic coast. Police are investigating claims that a 12-year-old girl visited Miami during her holiday break and traded sex for four bags of pot. A 12-year-old boy was then arrested for selling the pot on an elementary school playground, according to WFTV

Oh, dear. In sixth grade the only stuff I was dealing on the playground were Pokemon cards. Just a few years before that, I went to my elementary school library and tried to check out a book about Miami with a pretty picture of a leaf on it. The librarian looked at it and said in a low, concerned voice: "Honey, why are you trying to check this out?" (Lady, why is it in your elementary school library?) It took me like four years to finally realize why she was concerned. But kids today are apparently trading sex for pot! There was a reason why my parents were concerned about my going to school in Miami, because even a single visit to this place can spoil us all. 

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