10 People Who Totally Should Be Giving Obama's Invocation

Barack Obama was supposed to be the most recklessly liberal President of all time. What happened? Now he's got Rick Warren, this anti-Gay religious hack giving the invocation at his inauguration and every one is pissed. It's not too late to ditch him, Barry. This guy is like the Sarah Palin of pastors -- you only chose him because he appeals to the right wingers, but he has a history of saying stupid shit and he'll drag your numbers down faster than an anchor. Instead Obama we have taken the liberty of choosing these fine, fine noted religious folk as replacements that will make amends with your base and the GLBT community. You're welcome. 

Reverend Lovejoy
Truly, he is America's reverend. Plus The Simpsons hardly ever portrays him as offensive. Well, maybe offensively boring. Punchline! I'm sure Industrial Lights & Magic or someone could rig up some 3D projection.

Reverend Kathleen D. Korb
This lady is the minister at the Unitarian-Universalist congregation in my home town. Her fancy eye shadow would look good on TV, but the real point is that UU is like the favorite religion, besides atheism and Hollywood Buddhism, of liberals everywhere. Plus, like half of our founding fathers were Unitarian, so we'd be getting back to tradition.

Rev Run
Rick Warren  may be able to up Obama's wrap with the right wing, but can he rap about shel toe Adidas? Can he? Because if he could that would be something I would enjoy seeing in a YouTube video, perhaps. 

Reverend Mel White
White used to be buddy buddy with all your favorite right wing religious folk like Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell. Then he realized he was gay, and started Soulforce. He was also personally affected by Prop 8, as he was married just this July. Plus he wrote a pretty good rebuttal to all those who say the bible condemns homosexuality.

Ed Young
Yes, that right there with Hulk Hogan for some reason, is the guy who told his congregation to have seven days of sex ...for Jesus! Umm apparently he doesn't like Gay Marriage either, but c'mon the guy has frosted tips and is wearing a muscle shirt.

Jim McGreevy

the openly gay ex-Gov is studying to be an Episcopalian Priest. What

better practice could he have than an invocation? 

Blackface Jesus
Plus he'll DJ the afterparty! Oh wait, he may be busy conducting the funeral for Sparks.

Reverend Horton Heat
Is this band any good? Like, I've heard of them, but never heard them.

Gene Robinson
He likes to wear the silky robe and flashy bling for a reason, but atleast he's man enough to admit it. 

Everyone knows she is really God anyway.

--Kyle Munzenrieder 

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