1 out of 5 Americans Prefer Socialism over Capitalism

It must be a sad day for all those anti-socialist hardliners in Miami, but 20% of Americans told Rasmussen Reports

that they think socialism is better than capitalism. While only 53% can

definitely say that capitalism is better than socialism. In adults

under 30 the margin is even smaller. Thirty three percent prefer socialism, and only 37%

champion capitalism (Thirty percent had no idea what these pollsters were talking


Has Fidel finally won? Well, let's consider that some

bastardized form of capitalism that we ran away with for the past few

decades just had the rug pulled out from under it. So, maybe it's not a

huge surprise that Americans are getting a little red in the face while

flirting with Marxist ideals at the moment. Plus, as Alex Koppelman over at Salon is quick to point out,

"I don't think we can really say anything at all with confidence based

on these results, because Rasmussen didn't provide a definition of

their terms when they conducted the poll, and definitions -- or the

lack thereof -- can have a significant effect on survey results."

I also wonder how the results of the poll would have be skewed if a little "third-way" mix of both was included.

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