Zeds Dead at the Fillmore Miami Beach September 2

Who's Zed? He's dead. His brains got blown out by bass. And two Toronto dubsteppers named DC and Hooks pulled the trigger.

Coming together in 2009, after an earlier collaborative project called Mass Productions went kaput, the Zeds Dead dudes have been stretching the limits of dubstep for almost three years. They started by launching a weekly destruction session named BassMentality alongside fellow low-end assassins Killabits. Then they made essential underground connects with dubstep scene heavies like Nero, Skrillex, 12th Planet, Borgore, Mary Anne Hobbs, Plastician, and Netsky. And now, like a couple of natural-born club killers with an incurably bad case of beatlust, DC and Hooks are stalking their way from city to city, seeking out fresh prey.

And thanks to all this rabid touring, they're becoming internationally known perpetrators of notoriously unconscionable dance-floor violence, dropping dirty wobble, hacking it up with hammer fists, hitting the filthiest frequencies, dragging the bpm down to a slo-mo grind, and then ratcheting it back up to brutal superspeed.

So now you've been warned: Zed is dead. And you could be next.

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S. Pajot