Yung Simmie Releases New Video for "Dead Beat"

If you’re tired of seeing the same old faces in the Miami rap scene, Yung Simmie might be exactly what you need. The Carol City native has been making a name for himself both in South Florida and around the country for a few years now, rapping about weed, life in the Magic City, and threatening at every turn to steal your girl.

And he'll do it too. Don't try him.

"I feel there's a lot of talent in this city and state," Simmie told us when we finally caught up with him between touring shows. "I do feel like we need to work on our unity amongst other teams and DJs."

In preparation for his upcoming Basement Musik 3, Yung Simmie, our resident rapper, gives us a taste of what to expect with his recently released "Dead Beat" music video. In his latest effort, the Miami star hits the beat hard with his cutthroat lyrics, describing exactly what your bitch is doing while he sips Henny and stunts on his haters. Tragic.

In the new video, Simmie takes us through the streets of Opa-locka with the homies, smoking the usual. It's his city, and we're just along for the ride. The video was filmed in L.A., Woodlands Hills, California, and Opa-Locka.

But does the burgeoning rapper have anything bad to say about Miami's hip-hop scene — anything he thinks needs fixing? "No, I don't," he says before adding: "I just feel we need to support each other more."

Roberto Mario, the man behind the music video, captures Opa-locka through Simmie's eyes, a wild, overgrown landscape, thick with the smoke of many a blunt. On "Dead Beat," Simmie wastes no time being polite, aiming straight at the feelings of anyone who ever said anything negative toward him. He’s probably the last person you want to mess with. 

Though don't expect him to start any beefs around town. His is a message of unity and inclusivity. Asked which local artists inspire him and he says, "My brother, Denzel Curry."
When he’s not too busy stealing your girl or setting his haters straight, he’s going from city to city on tour, where he will be traveling for the next two months. He plans to drop BM3 on September 1. He didn’t give much detail about the project, only telling us that “lead by example” is his motto when it comes to making music, so it's safe to assume that's exactly what he plans to do in Basement Musik 3.

Basement Musik is a series I started from the basement," Yung Simmie says. He released the first of the series back in January 2013. Expect the young rapper to stay true to form with the next one, setting the scene with pure emotion and first-person stories of his experiences growing up in Miami. 

In the meantime, he does have some advice for the other local rappers trying to break through the scene: "Keep grinding, and stay consistent."
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