Young Buck and Five Other Rapper Evictions or Foreclosures

Just two months after he was the target of a drive-by shooting in Nashville, Young Buck has come under fire yet again. But this time, it's Uncle Sam pulling the trigger and blowing smoke up Buck's ass.

According to TMZ, the Internal Revenue Service is demanding that the former G-Unit rapper fork over more than $300,000 in unpaid taxes. To make matters worse, Young Buck's been evicted from his 5,000-square-foot home.

Buck, however, is in good company. Throughout history, several rappers have gone in over the heads and bought houses they couldn't afford. Check out our list of rappers who've lost their home to eviction or foreclosure after the cut.

Trick Daddy

Born and raised in the county of Dade, Trick's also been fucked by the long dick of the IRS in his own hometown. A few years ago, the Internal Revenue Service slapped the 305 rapper with $157,034 in tax liens. On top of that, they foreclosed on his four-bedroom Miami home.


Like so many Americans who were hit hard by hard times and negative equity, Chamillionaire simply stopped making payments on his $2 million mortgage in 2010 and let it go into foreclosure.

"I decided to just let it go and give it back to the bank," he told TMZ. "It wasn't a situation where they came and took it from me. I just didn't feel like it was a good business investment to keep paying that much mortgage for a house that I'm never at."

Soulja Boy

It wasn't even really his crib. But Soulja Boy was kicked out of his pricey Atlanta rental pad last year after failing to pay rent. It's only one of several very shitty decisions Soulja Boy has made in a very short span of time.

Lil Jon

There was a time when Lil Jon was on everyone's track, drank crunk juice from a pimp chalice, and made a boatload of money. But that was the early 2000s.

Last year, Jon lost his $1.9 million oceanfront mansion to foreclosure and succumbed to Donald Trump, appearing on Celebrity Apprentice.


Lil Scrappy

Just like his mentor, Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy bought high and lost money on his home in 2010.

And then following Chamillionaire's lead, Scrappy said it was a sound business decision to stop making payments and allow the house to go into foreclosure. Fuck credit, right?

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