YOLO: Drake's Four-Step Guide to Life

Everyone wants to talk about Drake and how the guy is sooo sad. But don't worry about bruh. He is not sad. He's livin' the life, and he knows the key to livin' the life is not being afraid to open up about your feelings.

Drizzy also knows that you only live once. And if you listen carefully to his new album, Nothing Was the Same, it's just chockablock with the secrets to life, success, and not texting all those exes.

You should sit down and go through the lyrics. But in case you're afraid to deal with deeply painful personal memories right now, we faced it all for you and got the goods.

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Accept Yourself and Believe in Your Greatness

Pride is a deadly sin, but you'll never get anywhere without it. Haters are a dime a dozen, and if someone says you can't, it just means they're too scared to try themselves. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you keep going. Drake lays it out on "All Me," rapping, "Should I listen to everybody or myself?/'Cause myself just told myself, 'You the motherfuckin' man, you don't need no help.'"

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Pay Homage to Those Who Paved the Way

A truly wise man knows that his own greatness is only possible thanks to the tireless work of his predecessors. Drake does plenty to point out those who have inspired and shaped him along the way. He gives props to Lil Wayne on the boastful "Tuscan Leather," rapping "I'm just as famous as my mentor/But that's still the boss, don't get sent for." On "From Time," he shares lessons learned from his father. He pays tribute to Mase's flow on "Worst Behavior." And he gives a nod to the greatest MC crew of all time with "Wu Tang Forever."

Know Who Matters and Take Care of Them as You Would Yourself

Of course, being the lucky bruh who gets to live out his dreams means taking responsibility for your loved ones. We've all heard Drake talk about his team on "Starting From the Bottom," and "no new friends" is a mantra he throws down in a couple of songs. He watches out for the fakes on "Worst Behavior," rapping 'bout how "Fucker never loved us/Now you want to roll one/Motherfucker never loved us/So everywhere we go now, full cup." And no matter who's trying to latch on, Drake always stays loyal. As he says on "Connect": "Same city, same friends if you're looking for me."

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Live Like There's No Tomorrow

This is the most obvious, but it's Drake's greatest lesson. You can go ahead and call him emo, but he's just not afraid to say what's on his mind while he's alive to say it. He calls out the bitches that have hurt his feelings or left him hanging, and he admits his own wrongs to the world. Drizzy doesn't close himself off to anything, except maybe the chance to settle down. But he's only 26, so if tomorrow is coming, he might still have time.

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