YesJulz on Miami Clubbin' and Instagram Fame: "Important It Be Used for the Greater Good"

YesJulz is a Miami party girl with a heart of gold.

Whether she's at Story slinging bottles, throwing FDR Mondays at the Delano, or turning Best Day Ever into a roving international pool party, her number-one priority remains helping disadvantaged youth and rallying peers to take on charity work with her monthly Hashtag Lunchbag event.

Even riding in a cab on South Beach between business meetings, her mind is katana-sharp and ready for action. Here's what YesJulz had to say about Insta-fame, twerkathons, and making it cool to give back.

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Crossfade: How'd you get into throwing parties?

YesJulz: I threw a really sick prom party in high school and sold tickets for $10 each during lunch, and made my first $2,000 that way. So I said, "Wow. I'm gonna do this more often."

Was that in Miami?

I was born here, but I moved around a lot, so I went to high school in Tampa.

You have your own company?

I have an agency doing marketing, consulting, branding, charity work, and events.

What events do you do regularly?

I have a Monday party at the Delano, FDR Mondays. It's a cool hip-hop party. I do Best Day Ever, which is a field-day pool party for adults on the last Sunday of every month. And I do Hashtag Lunchbag every month. Last month, we fed about 300 people in downtown Miami.

What is the relationship between doing party stuff and benefits?

It's really important to me. I had a plan since moving to Miami that I would make a name doing the parties, and once I had the attention, I'd start doing charity, and really try to get the popular kids that go to LIV to gain an interest in pro-social and charitable acts. It's important to me to get people who you wouldn't usually think care to show that they do by attending my events or starting their own. People may think that those who are in the clubs all the time don't care about anything outside of them, but the truth is that for many of us that's an occupation, and we do care too.

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