Yerba Buena's El Chino Dreadlion at La Casa de Tula Tonight, September 9

You no doubt remember the ultra-cool group Yerba Buena, the kick-ass group founded by producer Andres Levin. Its 2003 debut album, President Alien, earned it a Grammy nod, in part because of the smash success of the band's catchy first single, "Guajira." The group's female vocalist, CuCu Diamantes, has had a successful run as a solo artist since the release of CuCuland earlier this year. Now Yerba's male vocalist and composer of the aforementioned single, "El Chino Dreadlion" is doing the same, setting out on his own with the release of his solo debut, No Hay Mal Que por Bien No Venga (No Bad Comes If It's Not for Good).

Keeping true to his roots, and the sound that has made Yerba Buena such an underground powerhouse in Latin music over the better part of the past decade, the Miami local maintains that perfect harmony of easy island groove and passionate energy, melding his native country's sounds, such as Afro-Cuban and son, with reggae and hip-hop.

For a chance to catch El Chino Dreadlion perform live, head to La Casa de Tula (1513 SW Eighth St., Miami) at 10 tonight, September 9, for his CD-release party. Admission is $10.

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