Xperimento Mixes it Up Miami-Style at Jazid July 9

Fusion is a way of life in Miami. Spanglish may as well be the official language. Restaurants boasting Asian fusion cuisine are popping up everywhere. And mixing up musical influences is an ancient tradition by now.

Xperimento, named New Times' Best Fusion Band this year, blends the band members' Latin roots with the American culture that they all grew up with. Each of these five guys hails from a different part of Central and South America, moving to the States at a young age.

They all have different musical backgrounds too. But together, Xperimento blends cumbia, reggae, merengue, ska, salsa, and funk with elements of rock, R&B, hip-hop and dancehall. It's a style the band has dubbed, "Latin reggae urban soul."

"What it is, actually, is music of the new era," says guitarist Guillermo "Chamo" Cabral. "You know, Bob Marley's notion of one world, one love, one nation. I think we have a lot of

that. I think that's where we're headed. I think that's where the world

is headed."

So check Xperimento out at Jazid this Saturday and get your funk on. Or rock out. Or dance

salsa till you break a hip. Because it sounds like these guys are up for


Xperimento. Saturday, July 9. Jazid Lounge, 1342 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Call 305-673-9372 or visit jazid.net.

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