Xperimento at Art in the Park February 4

Naming a band can be tricky. That said, Xperimento doesn't seem to have had that problem. Its moniker perfectly encapsulates the group's free-form, no-holds-barred approach to making music with razor-fine precision, and brandishing its M.O. like a banner.

"It's definitely not your typical Miami band," says lead vocalist Camilo "Tumbao" Sierra. "Most people think we are strictly Latin or Spanish, which we are very proud of. But we also bring elements of urban America into our sound, including hip-hop, bilingual rap, R&B, funk, and lots of soul. Add in a healthy portion of the Caribbean vibes — reggae, ska, salsa, merengue — and, of course, lots of dancing."

The band has come a long way from its beginnings as a Locos Por Juana side-project, steadily building a following, and recording original material. Fans will be psyched to hear that the fruits of Xperimento's labor will soon be ripe for the picking, with a new record expected this spring.

"Our full-length debut album has been in the works for over a year now," Sierra says. "We have the privilege of working with A.T. Molina, who is a Grammy-winning producer. It will be titled X. This symbolizes the ten-plus years we've known each other personally and musically. Plus, we believe we have that x-factor when it comes to captivating people."

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Christopher Lopez