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WVUM and Deaf Poets Make Your Lunch Break Less Lame This Wednesday

Remember back in the day when you were in college trollin' for hotties and scoping the quad for something fresh to do on your lunch break? We sure do, but unfortunately those memories came sans free live music. Call us old, or call our colleges boring. But luckily we can live vicariously through you, college kids, come Wednesday.

University of Miami's radio station WVUM is trying to change that hype with WVUM Days Out. This Wednesday they'll host Miami Beach based Deaf Poets and DJ Phil Minnick from noon to 2pm, with free live music, food, and drinks. Teepee was originally slated to perform, too, but had to back out due to a scheduling conflict.

The Deaf Poets set will run a little more than half an hour, on the UC patio of UM's campus. Though both guys in the two-piece have never attended the school they told us recently that they "might in the future."

"Giovanna Stallings-Blanche and her friend Falyn had chosen us to play, as well as organized the whole event," says Deaf Poets singer/guitarist Sean Woulters. "We've been on air numerous times, including a live performance a couple of months back. They believe that our sound will be a good fit for the event."

But what is that sound, exactly? A mix between punk, post-punk, and classic rock, with clear bluesy influences, it's easy to hear a little bit of Black Keys in their songs. Talk about a great mid-day body shaking pick-me-up. And even if you already graduated or never even went to UM,

you can still make it on your lunch break. Now we're not sure exactly

what food or "drinks" they'll be serving, but we're guessing it'll be

somewhat PG.

Deaf Poets, with DJ Phil Minnick, Wednesday, October 6. At the UC Patio at University of Miami, 1314 Miller Drive, Miami. Show is free. From 12pm - 2pm, with free food and drinks. For more info, visit

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Christine Borges