Worldstar Hip-Hop Hijacks New Times Prunk TV Episode With Mack Maine, Kevin Rudolf

Worldstar Hip-Hop is one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet. Last week, the site featured a New Times episode of Prunk TV on its front page. As of now it has accrued 70,000 hits and change. Thing is, somebody downloaded it off the New Times YouTube channel, added the Worldstar watermark to it, and then uploaded it to wherever it is they host their videos.

We got jacked, but Crossfade's not mad at 'em. Fuck it, that's the Internet, and that's exactly why we watermark our shit (at least I do). The funny thing is, the same day our video went up on WSHH I wrote a post here with a Miami Herald YouTube video embedded in it. None of their videos are branded in a way that a 10-year-old girl couldn't subvert, and I said so.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it was happening to us, but our video at least takes some effort to declaim. The Herald YouTube channel currently has 35 videos uploaded to it, waiting to get jacked -- somebody oughtta let them know.


episode of PrunkTV is directed, shot by, and starring Jason Handelsman,

with additional camera work by Kevin Rudolf and featuring Mack Maine. I

cut it up and all that.

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