Wood Tavern Owner Opening Benchwarmers Sports Bar

"From the hippest hipster to the loudest fratboy, we'll all be cheering together."

That's the tag line for Benchwarmers, a new sports bar from Wood Tavern owner Cesar Morales.

This latest nightlife venture from the "Wood Tavern Family of Companies" is slated to begin doing business "just in time for the World Cup" around June 12. But perhaps most interestingly, it will be located in the same building -- the former Soho Lounge property at 175 NE 36th Street -- as Morales' as-yet-unopened underground dance club, Bizerq.

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Originally scheduled to launch in late 2013, Bizerq's been delayed for several months now.

But as Morales has posted to Wood Tavern's Facebook page: "Once we are open and everything is running smoothly (hopefully 4-6 weeks), we will open Bizerq which is upstairs from Benchwarmers."

Meanwhile, he is hiring for this latest nightlife venture, "a different kind of sports bar," where hipsters and fratboys will exist in harmony.

And you know, where the pretty party people will also head upstairs to dance off the "craft beers," "Amsterdam-style fries," and "cool mix of sauces."

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