Wolf + Lamb and No Regular Play at Electric Pickle on Friday

Few contemporary dance music labels, even by underground vanguardist standards, can take credit for the sort of daringly forward-thinking and wildly imaginative flavors that have come to distinguish Wolf + Lamb Music in recent years. Founded by the eponymous DJ duo of Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi in

2005, Wolf + Lamb's close-knit family of artists includes established

producers like Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, and Soul Clap, in addition to

the provocative emerging sounds of newcomers like Nicolas Jaar and No

Regular Play, who are bringing a refreshingly broad-minded and

organic new approach to electronic dance music.

Originally exponents of the darker stripped-down aesthetics of minimal techno, the Brooklyn-based imprint and artistic collective has since come to embody a far more multifarious and quasi-psychedelic take on post-minimal house music that embraces subtle disparate influences -- from underground hip hop, to jazz and world music. Leave it to the never disappointing PL0T crew to provide us with some intimate Wolf + Lamb face time this Friday night at the Electric Pickle, which in this incarnation will include both Eisenberg and Mizrahi plus No Regular Play on the decks. They'll be joined, of course, by PL0T residents Michael Christopher and Basti for what is sure to be an incomparable night of mind-expanding and body-jacking dance music fare.

Wolf + Lamb and No Regular Play at Electric Pickle, Friday, November 13, 10 p.m.-5 a.m. 2826 N Miami Ave., Miami.


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Sean Levisman