WMC Review: Fool's Gold Showcase at White Room

Fool's Gold Records showcase

The White Room, Miami

March 28, 2008

Better Than: All the sleep you’re missing from WMC, times 10

Although most of the brouhaha was supposedly occurring Friday night over at Ultra, one seemingly underground party emerged from the woodworks of Downtown Miami. Dubbed by LA Riots as “THE party of the conference,” the Fool's Gold joint was fresher than an economy-sized hand sanitizer – which everyone in the house could have used after the decks were violated dirty-style. Treasure Fingers got shit started earlier in the night, and although club attendance was scarce at that point, homeboy from A-town did a tight job warming things up. Dueling it up on the tables, LA Riots and MSTRKRFT escalated sounds to an uproar, representing a raging indie blend of electro and house scratches to cut it up to.

When Fool's Gold cofounder A-Trak came up to bat, bouncers closed off the room, leaving stragglers out in the foyer, but at least they still got a taste of the double-decker-mega-stacked value meal of a set. It’s a great thing the White Room's inner room is windowless.

Big ups to Boys Noize for flooring the spot producing techno-infused hella straight remixed beats, Nacho Lovers for a few parts house, and Jokers of the Scene for sprinkling a sexy dash of thrash into the pit of musical mayhem. There’s no way I’d be able to produce a track list as much as I can remember the name of the dude mackin’ it to me while I was tryin’ to get my groove on. When all is said and finis, these so-called Fools had it goin’ on for a party that’ll have lovers chasing and haters praising for one long-ass minute. -- Tracy Block

Inside Scoop: A-Trak must have had one sick birthday celebration that night... Oh yeah -- the birth of this spin prodigy just so happened to fall on this same night... Coincidence or just plain insanity?

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