Winter Music Conference

WMC 2010: Launches WMC App

With every imaginable type of iPhone app out there these days, from

drunk texting apps, to X-rated vibrator apps (no joke) it's hardly surprising that even our beloved annual Winter Music Conference would get

its own app. The folks at have announced the launch of

their WMC Mobile Guide iPhone App just in time for Conference next week,

providing mobile partygoers with a comprehensive WMC guide at their


Here are some of the app's features:

  • Party Directory. Search over 200 WMC parties by

    name and date, and conveniently purchase party tickets or get on the


    from your phone.

  • Club Directory. Not sure

    where to go? Search the

    club directory for Miami's venues and use the

    built-in Google-powered map to make your

    search easier.

  • Favorites. Bookmark your

    favorite parties to create your own party schedule for the week and

    share with friends.

  • Updates. Receive party notices,

    offers and news

    throughout the week.

  • Guides.'s 12 Guides


    Surviving Winter

    Music Conference offers Miami nightlife contacts, tips on purchasing

    last-minute tickets and getting behind the ropes quicker at the club.

Click here for more info on's WMC Mobile Guide iPhone App.

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Sean Levisman