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WMC 2010: Back 2 Basics Too Party on the Clevelander Rooftop

Just when you thought WMC was nothing but an out of towner fuck fest with no room for locals, in steps Public Wizard Inc. and Back 2 Basics Too: DJ Edition, a Clevelander rooftop party where homegrown talent meets tourists on work visas.

Party organizer Sammy "Parable" Donado says "We scouted DJs from across North America, including our home town of Miami. We got Miami representatives such as Sire Esq and  Self Born, and some of the out--of-towners that have international acclaim, such as Nimbus (Toronto), Whooligan, and we're excited about having the homey DJ 3D involved, who is Jazzy Jeff's opening DJ."

It all goes down Wednesday, March 24th from 10pm - 5am at the Clevelander's C-Level rooftop (1020 Ocean Drive) and is free with RSVP at publicwizardinc.com.

Parable says, "At the end of the

day, we want people to frequent our city more than just during

conference, but many promoters don't think of longevity or loyalty at

that. While we embrace all those that come in from out-of-town during

conference, you can't ever forget home and gotta constantly rep,

showing the out-of-towners what Miami is really made of and the

high-level of talent that there is out here."

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Jacob Katel
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