WMC 2009: Institubes Takes Over Louis, White Room Starts Out With a Bang! Bang!

I must have spent the whole day at the Gansevoort South yesterday, because after attending A Party Worth Blogging About (debatable), I returned for an private Ultimat Vodka event at the hotel's rooftop pool featuring Steve Aoki. It was, eh. Really, I only attended because I was planning to go to Louis -- also located at the Gansevoort -- for Les Six Years du Institubes party featuring Para One and Surkin.

Do I really have to say how awesome the Institubes event was? I had high expectations and the party definitely didn't disappoint. I arrived just as Curses! (also known as Drop the Lime) was in the middle of his set. But the highlight of the night was definitely Para One who built up the momentum and had the entire place going crazy.

Around 3 a.m. I decided it was time to go see how White Room was kicking off Conference. Their first WMC party was Bang! Bang! which featured Craze, Shy FX, Drop the Lime and more. The place was packed, wall-to-wall, which was a bit overwhelming. It was obvious the crowd was enjoying themselves but I avoided the main room because I don't think another body could fit in there.

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