WMC 2009 Day One Re-cap: Calvin Harris Cancels, Major Hipster Party at Electric Pickle

First night didn't go so well for me. After a few too many glass of

champagne early in the day at the Gansevoort's rooftop pool, I had to

go home to sleep off the buzz. Yes, I broke my rule of not drinking

early in the week. I woke up groggy and with back pain around 9 p.m.

Needless to say, last thing I wanted to be doing was go out on a

Tuesday night, but, eh, whatever.

I made it to the Major WMC party

at Electric Pickle around 11 only to find the place dead. Can't say I

was surprised. Tuesday night of WMC has always been an Achilles' heel

for the mainland. Also the party was run by a bunch of people from Los

Angeles, which is where this Major party is based out of, and Miami has

definitely never taken cues from LA as far as its own dance music scene is concerned -- that's not to say there aren't great LA DJs, but Miami and LA's dance scenes are worlds apart (2 a.m. closing time and celeb-obssessed crowds, no thanks).

Still the lineup was bangin' and people slowly filled up the lounge. How could they not? Acid Girls, Miami's own Danny Daze, Stretch Armstrong, Eli Escobar, Blu Jemz and more were just tearing up the speakers. Junior Sanchez also gave the decks at Electric Pickle a workout. Sanchez actually arrived with a Jay-Z-size entourage and dropped off at the entrance by a driver in an Escalade (at least, what look like a Escalade). Most of the other DJs opted for a taxi and hauling their own equipement into the club themselves.

My original plan was to go the Mansion Loves Electro party at some point, but unfortunately the back pain I had experienced when I woke up was only augmented by 2 a.m., so I decided to go home instead and not risk further injury the first night of Conference. However, my sources did let in on a few things happening across the causeway: Calvin Harris apparently canceled on the Mansion party for reasons unknown. Let's hope he makes it out tonight to the Institubes party at Louis.

Final message I receive from someone inside Mansion, "U better be comin shit off the wallllz." Like salt on a wound.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.