Just returned from the Gansevoort South. Music editor Arielle Castillo and I were at the A Party Worth Blogging About event by EatSkeet.com and HipsterRunoff.com. So in honor of HRO I'm going to ask a few philosophical questions:

  • Do pool parties need people in order for it to be a 'partie'?
  • If someone plugs in an iPod are they still DJing?
  • How many children can a $9 Heineken feed?

I don't think I would be so critical about the party if I hadn't received an e-mail from some girl named Lindsay saying "Please come early! The venue holds 700 and we have 2000+ RSVPs!" Apparently, the 2,000+ RSVPs were still drunk in their hotel rooms sleeping, because when I arrived at 1 p.m. there was no more than 70 people.

WMC 2009: A Party Worth Blogging About? Not Really

Then there was issue with the sound, which was softly being pumped

through the speakers at a barely audible level. Some attendees claimed

it was that a speaker had blown out (doubt it, the bangers went limp

thanks to the sound level), others said it was Miami Beach's noise

ordinance. That meant really that the DJs were basically playing

background music, so I couldn't even begin to tell you who was playing

and what they were playing.

Also, Gansevoort South Hotel staff,

I'd appreciate it if you don't treat me like a dirty mongrel. No, I

can't afford your $325-cabana, and I'll walk through the hotel lobby if

I damn well please.

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