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With 93 Rock Dead, Which Crappy Local Radio Station Should Be Next?

Radio Sucks. And generally, you can thank corporate rock-dance-pop-rap-adult-contempo format formulas for the non-stop deluge of total crap. We salute Cox Radio, Clear Channel, and all the other stiff suits.

Even so, we here at Crossfade were taken aback by the loathing listeners seemed to have for the recently deceased 93 Rock. After we posted about the demise of South Florida's Pure Rock Station and followed-up with Cox Radio's response, the comments started piling up and we were finally able to gauge the extent of the public audience's dissatisfaction. Result: EXTREME!

Now we've got a question in mind: With 93 Rock dead, which crappy local radio station should be next? Give us your answers after the cut.

Crossfade's Official (and Very Unscientific) Radio Sucks Poll

1. Which crappy local radio station do you hate the most?

2. Why should it go off-air as soon as freaking possible?

3. If somehow you could buy up that wedge of the FM dial, what would you broadcast?

Do your public duty! Complete the Radio Sucks poll now! Provide your point-by-point answers in the comment section below.

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