Winter Music Conference 2012 Cruise Guide: Cadenza, Hot Creations, and Tytanium Sessions

Near-tragedy and heroism have become synonymous with EDM-theme cruises, both around Biscayne Bay and abroad.

On Saturday morning, the MSC Poesia ran aground in the Bahamas and sent beat freaks aboard the Holy Ship! cruise into panic mode as death seemingly knocked on their portholes.

In 2010, Biscayne Lady captain James Cho was praised for his heroic efforts after the ex-Navy man saved a parakeet from dying during a WMC cruise.

What is it about electro music that triggers these crazy scenarios? We don't know. All we can hope for is a safe WMC aboard this year's EDM cruises.

Miami WMC 2011 - Cadenza Cruise from Jocie Cox on Vimeo.

Magnetic Grooves Presents Cadenza Cruise. Wednesday, March 21 at 3 p.m. aboard Biscayne Lady. $100. Reboot, Robert Dietz, Michel Cleis, Maayan Nidam, and a "special guest" will drop heavy-ass beats aboard the Lady while pookie heads and European club types fist-pump the afternoon away 'round Biscayne Bay.

Mystery Sounds presents Tytanium Sessions Yacht Party. Friday, March 23 at 12 p.m., aboard the Musette $50. Holy Dutchmam, Batman, the Netherlands are taking over WMC. Dutch DJ Sean Tyas is going to bong rip your ears off when he drops the proverbial needle on electronic record.

Magnetic Grooves Presents Hot Creations Cruise. Thursday, March 22, 3 p.m. aboard Biscayne Lady. $125. During WMC, yacht parties are mad exclusive and highly coveted. When Magnetic Grooves announced the Hot Creations Cruise, early bird tickets flew; there's no telling how long first-release passes will be around.

Check back for more announcements.

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