See this guy in Vegas for $0.
See this guy in Vegas for $0.
Courtesy of Cedric Gervais

Win Free Tickets and a Meet and Greet to Cedric Gervais in Las Vegas

Miami and Las Vegas are different worlds, but the two cities do have some things in common. Both are hot. Like, unbearably, ridiculously ice cream cone-evaporating hot. Both cities can get weird when the sun goes down. And Miami and Vegas both share a massive love of dance music. There are few places in this country where EDM is more omnipresent.

And this month, Electric Daisy Carnival — one of America's biggest EDM festivals — is taking over Vegas. While the festival itself only lasts three days (June 19, 20, and 21) the entire week will be jammed with sets from some of the world's best DJs.

Which brings us to the reason you're reading this right now: free tickets. More specifically, free tickets to go see Cedric Gervais at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas on Saturday, June 20. We'll select one lucky person to receive two VIP passes to Gervais' show, and winners will also get a meet and greet with Cedric, who New Times hung out with last year before Ultra.

Gervais first came to Miami in 1997. "Electronic music wasn't big in America at that time. But for some reason, I felt like this was the place for me," he told us last year. It took about five years for success to come his way, but now he's one of the biggest DJs on the planet. And though he's making his way across the globe now, it's anyone's guess how long Gervais' DJ career might last.

"Traveling is very hard on a DJ," he says. "The day that I'm satisfied, I'm going to stop. I'm not going to be a Tiësto. I'm not going to be a guy 45 years old still DJing," Gervais told New Times a year ago. Which is all the more reason you should be praying to the god of bass that you win these free tickets.

For those making the trip west to Vegas for EDC, here's how you can win. 

Cedric Gervais at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub in Las Vegas Ticket Giveaway

1. Head over to Miami New Times Music's Facebook page.

2. Find the Cedric Gervais update (here it is) and comment with your favorite Cedric Gervais song.

3. From the pool of commenters, we'll randomly select a winner for this concert. So keep an eye on your Facebook messages. 

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