Willy Chirino Pa'Lante in the AAA This Saturday

Geez, I'm really torn here. Part of me wanted to start this post by singing, "Llevaba medias negras / Y me robó el corazón!" But then I'd be leaving out the equally worthy, "Oxigeno! Esa mujer me da oxigeno / Con su sonrisa simpatico / Con su presencia magnifica!" It's a tough call, as you can see.  And I'm not even delving into Cuba Libre. The title track? "Cuba Que Lindo Son Tus Paisajes?" "Soy Guajiro?" I could go on all day.

The fact is, Willy Chirino is one of Cuba's greatest artistic exports, a living legend in his own right, and a consistent creator of solid danceable tracks that capture the essence of traditional son, while maintaining an always-current spin. Chirino, you're the man, mi broder!

So show some support for the Pa' Lante Tour and enjoy that true-fu, top-notch cubaneo. You know you've got a guayabera pressed with this show's name written all over it. Just be sure not to touch the bananas. The bananas belong to Chango.

Willy Chirino performs at the American Airlines Arena (601 Biscayne Blvd.) with special guests Habana Abierta this Saturday, June 6 at 8pm. Tickets range $58 - $128.

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