Willy Chirino at Fillmore Miami Beach December 4

There are few artists as quintessentially representative of Cuban culture in the United States as Willy Chirino (and Celia, que en paz descanse). The man is a hero to the exile community not only in South Florida but also nationwide. Whether you came from Cuba or were born here first generation, chances are good you're well acquainted with his body of work.

And you should be. After all, you've been jamming to an endless stream of songs since you were a wee jodedor. "Lo Que Esta Pa' Ti," "Medias Negras," "Oxigeno," "Artista Famoso," "Cuba Libre," "Tus Cumpleaños" — the list goes on. In an interview with New Times, local rapper turned international phenom Pitbull even reminisced about when he and his pops caught Chirino in concert: "Anyone who was anyone would be at the Willy shows back in the day."

Providing opportunities for anyone and everyone to see him perform live is one thing Chirino has certainly done. The man has gigged tirelessly over the years. And this Saturday, he will give fans in his adopted hometown a chance to catch him again at the Fillmore.

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Christopher Lopez