Will Ludacris Bring Nude Waterskier Enrique Iglesias to His Miami Show November 11?

Not only is OG Dirty South spitter Chris "Ludacris" Bridges the star of such upcoming films as Fast & the Furious 5, chairman of the non-profit Ludacris Foundation, and a connoisseur of fine cognac. But he has also become an unlikely mentor to former Latin heartthrob and nude waterskier Enrique Iglesias.

In a desperate attempt to slather some grime on his otherwise antiseptic dance-pop, the Son of Julio recently recruited Luda for a little project.

And together, they made a track titled "Tonight," which sounds exactly like your standard Enrique Iglesias song (house-lite beats, spicy synths, pitch-corrected castrato vocals) with two notable exceptions: (1) Ludacris's horny, 30-second cameo and (2) a single line of lyrics wherein the pop star declares, "Tonight I'm fucking you."

No, we're not kidding. But shockingly, like so many other seeming trainwrecks that Mr. Chris Bridges has hitched himself to throughout the years, "Tonight" defies all laws of logic in that it's actually listenable in a maybe-you-can't-afford-Cee-Lo's-"Fuck-You"-so-why-not-make-this-your-filthy-party-track way. Honestly, there's no explanation why we even kinda might like this song.

We're just left here, shaking our heads, singing along, and asking: Can Luda really do no wrong?

Ludacris. Thursday, November 11. James L. Knight Center, 400 SE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $26.50 to $161, plus fees. Visit

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