Who Wants LCD Soundsystem Tickets for Wednesday's Show at the Fillmore?

Can you imagine if LCD Soundsystem's notorious crank-ass in chief, James Murphy, actually makes good on his promise to never record or tour again after the band's current stint "standing in front of people doing things loudly" wraps on 11/11/11?

Oh, there will be many moaning and misty-eyed fans of moody dance music holding candlelight vigils in their discotheque dungeons. The collective mourning will be massive.

Save yourself from next year's pity party and see LCD while it's still possible. Hit the jump to win two tickets to this Wednesday's show.


1. Don't answer the LCD Soundsystem question (see below) here on the blog. Go to Crossfade's Facebook page and Like it.

2. Find the LCD update and slip your answer into the comment field.

3. From all the correct answers, we'll randomly choose a winner. So keep an eye on your Facebook messages.

4. Last thing ... You only have until noon tomorrow to enter. Be speedy!

Question: Which song by which goth punk crew did LCD cover in 2005?

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