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What to Hear in Broward and Palm Beach This Weekend

As usual, there's plenty of music to hear in Broward and Palm Beach this weekend. If you're in the mood for some indie rock AND comedy, you should head out to Propaganda to hear John Ralston, Sweet Bronco, and the Beards of Comedy. If you want your comedy more hard-edged, head out to see Doug Stanhope at Culture Room. Solid Sound Studios hosts their usual ultra-passionate local acts with clever names featuring The Perfect Defect. Finally, you can hear a little celtic rock with Uproot Hootenanny at Tim Finnegan's in Delray.

Saturday, Forever the Sickest Kids, Rocket Summer, Sing it Loud, My Favorite Highway, and Artist vs. Poet are flooding the Culture Room, First October are rocking out at Swampgrass Willys, and the Blues and Americana Showcase of Bands is going on at Pulp Live.

Finally, Sunday you can Jam in the Park at Secret Woods Nature Center, Jam Acoustically Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens, see Caribbean Element at Coyotes Bar in Hollywood, or catch the last day of the Blues and Americana Showcase of Bands at Pulp.

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Brett Gillin