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Welcome Back, Lil Wayne! Homecoming Party This Sunday at King of Diamonds

It's not like you needed an announcement. But still ... Weezy F. Baby is free!

After his eight-month stint on the big island, Mr. Dwayne Carter is now on another island -- a better, much prettier island called Miami Beach, where he claims residence and rules over the entire Cash Money Young Money dynasty.

And what better way to celebrate the Prince's freedom than to hold court for his official "Welcome Back, Carter" homecoming celebration at King of Diamonds this Sunday.

We've been told that this event has been in the works for months and that the production's price tag is equal to a mini-Hollywood movie. Expect fireworks, never-ending bottle service and a billion music industry elites.

It also wouldn't be any big surprise to see some impromptu performances by confirmed attendees Drake, Kevin Rudolph, Nicki Minaj, and pretty much anyone on the Cash Money Young Money roster. Local celebrities almost guaranteed to make an appearance and pay their respects are DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Cool and Dre, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Kim Kardashian. Screw the MTV VMAs! This is Weezy's World, baby!

Another insider tip, there's a private friends-and-family-only event taking place at a secret location beforehand. So if you see a $2 million dollar Bugatti parked outside the Fontainebleau on Sunday evening, you know what's going on inside.

Welcome home, Mr. Carter.

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