Weird Al Yankovic's Five Most Hauntingly Bizarre Videos

​If you were a kid in the 1980s, Weird Al Yankovic was the funniest guy ever.

"Fat" would come on as you snarfed cookies and soda, leaving a burning in your nose. To watch his knockoff of Michael Jackson's hit "Bad" in 2011 isn't the same exactly. But it's still good and definitely not unfunny, especially if you remember the King of Pop's version.

What's kind of nuts, though, is that Weird Al actually got weirder over the years. And as proof, here are his five most hauntingly bizarre and mind-bogglingly nerdy smart videos.

5. "Perform This Way"

Please, please, please, just watch this video. It's such a mindfuck that it's hard to explain in words. You've got ladies bodies, different female forms, with Weird Al's makeup slathered face attached to all of them. It defines creepy!

4. "Bob"

Nothing quite as odd but also really smart as doing an entire song in palindromes. This play on "Subterranean Homesick Blues" does just that.

3. "Amish Paradise"

Watching Weird Al churn butter in a suggestive manner is definitely funny and a little off-putting. In this song, he sings with the Amish talk, that particular accent, and the Michelle Pfeiffer to his Coolio is Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson. Weird! He really captures the imagined Amish experience of ugly tourists and building barns.

2. "All About the Pentiums"

First of all, Weird Al looks so strange in this video! Secondly, it's about Intel Pentium microprocessors. What the hell? It did come out in '99. But that's no good excuse. The nerd actors make up for all the other awkwardnesses.

1. "The Saga Begins"

Good God! He made a Don McLean classic into a song about Star Wars. It's brilliant. It's freaking odd. But Al looks good as Obi-Wan and the dancing aliens are amusing. The craziest scene in this video comes at the end when there are, like, 50 Weird Als singing. Apparently, McLean sometimes sings Yankovic's lyrics instead of his own in concert. That is deep, man. Deep and dorky.

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