We Love Techno starring Marko Nastic

"Big in Serbia" might sound like a joke to the public at large, but dance music cognoscenti know better. Balkan beat conductor Marko Nastic is huge in his home country, but he's also making ripples in the global sine-wave ocean. He discovered electronic music courtesy of an uncle who spun Italo records on Belgrade radio in the Eighties. By age 14, Nastic landed a job at the city's major electronic music record store. Despite the region's escalating political turmoil, he kept a line to the dance world thanks to friends living abroad. By his teen years in the mid-Nineties, he was spinning the region's biggest underground parties. As the Balkans opened up, so did Nastic's influence, via foreign gigs, a series of original releases, and his clicky, dubby, tribal DJ sets powered by a trademark three decks. His latest project is record label Recon Warriors; it's named for Serbia's army scouts and is the first techno imprint to arise from the country. Friday's event at Nocturnal, presented by the forward-thinking We Love Productions, promises to be a truly global affair, with openers including Lopera, Dsan Powell, and Anatoli Russki.

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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo