We Global! Like Hasselhoff, Prunk TV Is Huge in France!

Prunk TV is like David Hasselhoff. We are huge in France!

OK, here's how it happened: I got an email from these French filmmakers who had seen my interview with Brisco right here on Prunk TV. Vive la France! They wanted to come to Miami and make a documentary about Opa Locka. So they asked if I would be able to help them set up an interview with the Opa-Locka Goon himself. I thought this was surely some sort of a hoax orchestrated by my dear friend Calvin Godfrey, and so I emailed back, "Sure, Calvin."

But they emailed me all of these attachments and links, proving this was indeed a valid request from Europeans who love Prunk TV! Anyway, I made a phone call, and hooked it up for them. Can you believe that shit? Some call it "the law of attraction." See the video after the cut.

Prunk TV: Where Amazing Happens! Lo and behold, a few weeks after the emails, the Frenchmen (Armand and Thibaut) arrived with scraggly beards, thick French accents, and a ton of film equipment! They came to Cremator 305. And a few days later, the three of us met up with Brisco at the Office.

Let me digress and talk about this past Sunday night at the Office for a moment: It reminded me of the time I went to Tijuana for my 30th birthday. Actually, let's not talk about that ... The Office is like taking a trip to Amsterdam for one night. There are no laws and no limits. There were $100 bills all over the floor. There were other things going on that I can't really talk about at this time and place. 

A few days later, the French filmmakers met up with Brisco again! Bliedat! Wouldn't you be excited if two dudes traveled halfway around the world to interview you!? Come on now! Shout out to Poe Boy, Ms. PR Diva, Jit, Junior, DJ Black Rob, DJ Gwap, Krunchone, all of Street Connect, Pazzo, and Grim 2 Da Reapa.

Anyway, Brisco took the two visiting Frenchmen for a beautiful Miami afternoon adventure in his Caddy yesterday and the three of them cruised around the hood. "He told us about his life in Opa Locka," said one of the filmmakers over the phone last night. "We passed by the house where he grew up. Some fans came up to the car. He seems like a really nice guy. He is quiet. We were able to talk about many things. It was exactly what we wanted and needed for this film." He continued, "Brisco is very sincere. He wasn't playing any Brisco characters. No tough guy, you know? It was very cool. We are finally going back to France with some great footage. We couldn't have done it without The President."

Yes! Safe travels to Armand and Thibaut! I cannot wait to see your completed documentary film. Wait a second, maybe we'll all see it at next year's Borscht Film Festival? 

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