Watch Trick Daddy Nearly Throw Up After Eating Spicy Wings on Hot Ones

If you haven't seen an episode of Hot Ones on YouTube, you're missing out on a very good time. Celebrities chow down on hot wings while the affable, bald-headed host Sean Evans asks them probing questions about their careers and opinions. The only problem: The sauces used on the wings get hotter and hotter, topping out at more than 2 million Scoville heat units, which is some serious spice.

Despite the gimmicky premise, Hot Ones is actually one of the most interesting shows on YouTube. Evans is an excellent interviewer, and it's always fun to see the guests, including actors, comedians, musicians, and rappers, answer his questions while sweating and coughing.

This week's victim is Miami rap legend Trick Daddy. He does not disappoint. He shouts out local schools Miami Northwestern and Miami Jackson Senior High ("the most-known high schools in the state of Florida"), whose marching bands landed on the video for his song "Shut Up," which was shot in the Orange Bowl before it was demolished.

He talks about his relationships with other local rap stars, including DJ Khaled ("very influential, very supportive") and Kodak Black ("I hope that he can get his head together, get some people around him that really care"). He talks about the city's most underrated local delicacy — conch — and says if he ever opened a restaurant, it would be called "T-Double D-Licious" and serve collard greens, ham hocks, mac 'n' cheese, and "flop," the Miami version of an Arnold Palmer.

He even discusses the origin of his Slip-N-Slide Records label: "Snitches get stitches, and slippers count... If you slip, we gon' slide."

Of course he also struggles with the wings. At one point, maybe feeling a bit sick, he asks, "Has anybody ever threw up?" To his credit, though, he survives the gauntlet of ten wings and sauces, besting DJ Khaled, who tapped out on the second wing.

You can watch the full episode of Hot Ones above.

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