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Watch Major Lazer Bring EDM to Cuba

We first learned of Major Lazer's plans to throw a Havana concert back in January of this year. And just last week, the Rolling Stones told the world that it planned to do the same.

With time, each big leap in American and Cuban relations becomes less jarring. Even news that the Rolling Stones were planning to visit the island caused, at best, a ripple in the news cycle. The two countries are entering a new reality, and as of yesterday, that reality includes big-name EDM. 

South Florida natives Diplo and Walshy Fire and Trinidad and Tobago's Jillionaire, AKA Major Lazer, performed a free concert yesterday along Havana's waterfront. The concert was produced by the Musicabana Foundation, which is hosting an international music festival in Cuba right now that includes acts like Sean Paul, Carlinhos Brown, Pablo MilanĂ©s, Carlos Varela, and Los Van Van.
Fusion posted footage from the concert this morning, showing Major Lazer perform for a thick crowd of young Cubans that snaked along the water. Diplo bounced in between twerking backup dancers and waved both the Cuban flag and a black flag that read, "Peace Is the Mission," the title of Major Lazer's  third studio album.
It wasn't the first American act to perform in Cuba (Audioslave came by the island in 2005), but Major Lazer's concert has opened up the door for many of today's most popular artists and made Cuba a viable stop on any upcoming international tour. 

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