Was Beyoncé's Baby Bump a Hoax?

Remember when you found out the awful truth about Milli Vanilli? How did we ever recover from learning that neither of those super-'90s hunks on stage could actually sing? After we learned the real Milli Vanilli was a couple of average-looking old guys, could we ever believe in popular music again?

Well, dear Crossfade reader and pop culture loyalist, brace yourself for a shocker with ten times the charge! According to pop watchblog Mediatakeout.com ("the world's most visited urban website in the world"), we can't even trust royalty like hip-hop's First Lady, Queen B, AKA Beyoncé Knowles.

According to MTO, Beyoncé's red carpet baby bump at the 2011 MTV VMAs ... was a hoax!

As the photographs below clearly show -- and as corroborated by an "MTO insider" -- Beyoncé was lookin' way more preggo on MTV's red carpet than in photographs from the two preceding weeks. Of course, we suspect no small influence from the cryptic, Machiavellan scheming of B's Illuminati-associated boo, Jay-Z.

Or the whole thing could have been a stunt to hasten promotion of Beyoncé's actual pregnancy, which even MTO admits is real. Or maybe those photos are a bunch of tabloid bullshit. After all, MTO doesn't really cite its sources. Or give dates. Or locations.

What Crossfade really wants to know is: What do you think?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.