Wake and Bake With MMC Da Click's New "Bonfire Music" Video

What's the perfect Friday morning?

Wake and bake with your homies, then cruise over to the swap meet, shopping for bargain-bin shades, sucking the water straight from the coconut, and stonerishly staring as the smiling, bright blue inflatable dancing man does his thing.

And if you don't know, now you know ... Local hip-hop crew MMC Da Click has got that end-of-the-week vibe on lock. Just check out the new vid for bright and sleepy single "Bonfire Music."

Shot on location at the Opa-Locka Flea Market, this clip follows Click crew members Jinxo, Peezay, and Sunny Soulstice as they roam and wander between folding tables and food stalls, straight chillin', grinnin', rhymin'.

"Above it all, that's where I try to stay/And when my feet hit the ground, hope I ain't runnin' late/Success is for the suits and victory is mine/And I apologize to all those I leave behind/But the sun smiles on me every morning, full effect/Shit, I be a fool if I don't smile back."

No doubt, it's a beautiful day, bro. Fire up that ish.

Download: MMC Da Click's "Bonfire Music"

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