Waka Flocka Flame: Party Till You Piss Yourself at Revolution Live on November 14

What exactly does Waka Flocka Flame mean when he claims to go "Hard in Da Paint?"

Let's start with what we know ... The ATL rapper and Gucci Mane protégé advocates a lifestyle built upon clear, consistent thematics: trappin', cookin', slangin.' And of course, keepin' the chickens in line.

But none of that sounds unique to Flockaveli, does it? Since the dawn of the DJ, rappers have been dropping street-corner mafia tales like they're trap-star Homers composing the crack-rock Iliad.

Not to mention, Waka's signature party shout is really just a variation on the cartoonish, belligerent crunk wave of the mid-2000s, as epitomized by Lil' Jon screaming at the top of his lungs.

So if Mr. Flame is seemingly all rehash, what accounts for the performer's popular party prowess? The answer is simple: Partying till you piss!

He recently dished with Vice Magazine about his most outrageous party antics. And his revelations are not only a testament to the MC's stamina, but a bonafide model of How To Be.

Take it away, Waka:

"My wildest party night ever. My first time I ever drank Cuervo Gold. I was like 18. That shit right there had me so fucked up. We was in a skating ring called Golden Block on the East side. I was so drunk, I swear to God I thought I'd seen leprechauns and shit.

"I had to pee, so I took my shoe off, pissed in my sneaker and put my fuckin' shoe back on. I didn't even know it. I was with a girl too, so I come back and I'm like, damn, somebody pissed. She's like, 'Baby, you pissed!' My foot felt wet. I was like, oh. That shit was crazy. I never drank Cuervo Gold to this day."

Like Billy Madison said: "You ain't cool unless you pee your pants."

Waka Flocka Flame. Wednesday, November 14. Revolution Live. 100 SW Third Ave, Ft. Lauderdale. Show starts at 9pm. Tickets go on sale for $26 plus fees on Friday, August 10, via livenation.com. Call 954-449-1025 or visit jointherevolution.net.

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