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Vnusamr Makes a Comeback With a New Song and an Upcoming Show

Vnusamr Photo by @kaypots
The last time the Broward-based goddess of silky-smooth alternative R&B set foot onstage was in 2016. Since then, the singer, songwriter, and producer did a brief stint in Tampa, moved back to South Florida, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Harmony. After a short hiatus, the new mother is back with a punch, serving up her signature dose of sensual bedroom-produced jams with a new track, "Little Bit of Love," featuring Smkrsroom.

Vnusamr dishes that "Little Bit of Love" was created when she was pregnant. She initially freestyled the lyrics in the beginning of the song, as she typically does with all of her music, but never finished the track. She eventually revisited the sensual jam with Smkrsroom. They both added to it and recently released the finished product. "Honestly, when you're pregnant, you have more emotions and feelings for all that, especially sensual feelings, and I wasn't getting any of that at the time," Vnusamr laughs. "Basically, ['Little Bit of Love'] is about sex in a way."

The 22-year-old has proven with her sultry, moody, and experimental tracks that whatever she touches turns to rose gold. In 2016, her song "Affection" was dubbed by New Times one of the best songs of the year. Now she's working on an EP she's recorded in bits and pieces while juggling motherhood, music, and school as a single parent. "I'm not rushing it," she says of the EP's creation process. "It's hard trying to record by yourself, and, honestly, it's so crazy how all these artists in the industry, they have kids and they make it seem like it's so easy to bounce back to, you know, life, and it really isn't."

She adds, "I want to be the type of artist that is showing what's really happening as a struggling mother... I want to show that it isn't easy for me to just jump back into music."

Though Vnusamr's music has changed since the beginning of her career, she says it's always been about "love, sensual vibes, and sexy vibes." Now, with her new music, she wants to share a more personal side. "I want to incorporate things that I've gone through — real stuff," she says.
The R&B singer credits her mom, aunts, cousins, Alicia Keys, and Janet Jackson for motivating and inspiring her. And now she hopes to do the same with Hersilk, a brand she's created to empower women and "men that are ashamed to come out as who they are."

Vnusamr is now gearing up for her first show in two years, this Friday, September 28, at the Pulpit Art Showcase, alongside artists, poets, and other creatives. "I don't know if I'm nervous or if I'm excited or scared," she says of her upcoming comeback performance. "Just expect a different energy, a different vibe."

As for what she hopes fans take away from her music, she says, "I want my fans to understand where I'm coming from... and it's real. I'm a mother now, and it's different. I'm not who I used to be before... I just want people to see a different side of me... I want them to see and know Vnus is growing and I'm becoming a woman now."

The Pulpit Art Showcase. With Vnusamr. 7 p.m. Friday, September 28, at 7415 NW 19th St., Miami. Tickets cost $10 via eventbrite.com.
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