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Vivian Girls and Miami Music Festival Set Out to Prove Chick Drummers Really Do Rock

When we try to think up talented chick drummers, the first name that pops up is Meg White, obviously, and then we kind of draw a blank. Can you blame us? As cool as they are, drummers are always hiding behind their massive kits, and never really get the attention they deserve. But Tom Tom Magazine is determined to change that.

The rag is slanted specifically toward our favorite stick-toting ladies. And to prove there's so many more out there, it's hosting a female drummer showcase along with Magic Leap Records during Miami Music Festival. Think lots of mind blowing females who really know how to throw it down.

The event is a six-band who's who of some of the coolest chicks we've ever heard behind the kit. It all starts off Saturday at 9 p.m with Brooklyn-based More Teeth, quickly followed by local indie pop darlings The State Of, and spans a whole mess of genres, covering everything from grungy surf rock and "wonky pop" to metal and pop punk, proving girls are indeed everywhere. And they rock. Just be sure you stick around after midnight for sets from Vivian Girls and local favorites Beings.

Vivian Girls, with Beings, Hard Nips, Sparkydog & Friends, the State Of, and More Teeth. Saturday, November 13. Gemma Lounge, 529 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. The show starts at 9pm and tickets cost $10 for a single venue via

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Christine Borges