Music Festivals

Vivian Girls and Beings at Tom Tom Magazine's Miami Music Festival Showcase

See the full 22-photo Vivian Girls slideshow.

Over the weekend, there was this thing called the "Miami Music Festival." We here at Crossfade chattered about it for days like a bunch of monkeys on speed. Some of you seemed to take notice. Others simply dismissed that noise as schizo babble.

So for all of you who ignored us and failed to show up for Vivian Girls on Saturday, here are some photos and a concert review to help you pretend to have been there. The CliffNotes: Beers cost $10, the club mistreated the band and its best friends, and no shorts were allowed. (At an indie show?!) It could've been a generally shitty time, except for the fact that Vivian Girls and local sidekicks Beings fucking ripped it.

Anyway, see the cut for a few select pics.

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