Vinyl Solutions at Churchill's Pub, a Bring-It, Spin-It DJ Night: "Our Ears Are Open!"

Los Treces already has a fairly full plate, playing in punk band Die Trying, which recently finished a rather successful tour, and helping Nayra Serrano with Idle Hands, a booking/promotion entity that continues to bring live music to a post-Dave Daniels Churchill's Pub.

He's also the club's current man in the kitchen, cooking up vegetarian sloppy joes and working to introduce arepas to Little Haiti. And yet Los has decided to add another commitment to his bursting schedule: a new weekly called Vinyl Solutions.

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"This came about from Nayra and me just trying to figure out some sort of event that could involve the locals," he says, "where they could come and be a part of something, where they could share their favorite music and be engaging. And you know that I love vinyl."

The concept behind the rapidly growing Wednesday-night DJ event, is a simple one that bears more in common with the olden days of deejaying; it's all about discovering new music. With a you-bring-it, you-spin-it approach, the evening features a band and 20-minute sets from anyone who signs up to get behind the decks.

"Then we pick winners based on crowd reaction," Los explains. "If people start dancing and going, 'Yeah, that's my jam' and stuff, we base our decision off that response." And aside from the obvious bragging rights, Vinyl Solutions champs receive a $25 bar tab.

Ultimately, it is Los Treces' innate love for wax that makes the night something special. "With the resurgence of vinyl, I figured this was a good idea and I know there are plenty people in Miami who collect records."

But a lot of the success for the night, he says, is also due to Churchill's new ownership sticking to its stated intention of keeping the pub as it was. "They're trying to keep it the same and just clean it up a little bit, so that it's not too nice."

Though he hasn't personally witnessed a lot of the old patrons return, Los has noticed a number of fresh faces come out to test their DJ skills at the new night. "I've been surprised. There have been some people who come in here and blow me away," he says. "And then some people don't know how to work behind the tables, so I give them a quick little lesson."

But even if the crowd is a bit different, Vinyl Solutions encompasses what always brought people to Churchill's Pub: fun, creative freedom, friendship, and cheap booze. Here's to the Little Haiti hideout continuing to do well. We can only hope Los Treces' arepas do too.

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Vinyl Solutions. Hosted by Los Treces. Every Wednesday. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. Admission costs $5. No cover with sign up for DJ set. Ages 18 and up. Call 305-757-1807 or visit

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