Videos: Miami Bands' Easter Seal Performances at Local Impact Jam

Local Impact is a Miami-based nonprofit  that networks the arts community with social organizations. In the spirit of this mission, recently it put together a program where mostly Miami bands threw down for the Easter Seals of South Florida. Older folks with varying degrees of Alzheimers were treated to sets by Xperimento, The State Of, Mishelle and Bayonics, and others. 

The event was the brainchild of sisters Tanya and Natasha Bravo. Their father was diagnosed with Alzheimers 12 years ago and is an adult day care patient at Easter Seals of South Florida. They had a big party at the Miami Science Musem last week celebrating the release of a movie that was made about the project. If you're like us and didn't get to go, here are some awesome video clips from various performances shot by a dude named Revulu. Check them out after the jump.

Local Impact Jam: MISH ELLE & BAYONICS from Revulú on Vimeo.

Local Impact Jam: THE STATE OF from Revulú on Vimeo.

Medicine For The Soul from Revulú on Vimeo.

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