Video: Southern Bred from Groundhoggz at Headz Up Barbershop

Here's a video of Southern Bred live from Headz Up Barbershop in Miami Lakes. He's a founding member of Groundhoggz. If you've never heard of Groundhoggz, they are a local rap group that has been putting in work on the streets of Dade for about the past 12 years. They're also the group that ringtone king Flo Rida came up with before moving to Poe Boy not that long ago.

Bred says he's got the real story about how that situation came about, and how it plays into the group's upcoming album. He also says that a lot of the music business goes on at Headz Up Barbershop, "You get politickin' done. You never know who you run across in here. Who he messes with is major. You know he messes with the Marlins, you know he's cutting certain artists' heads. It's the real deal."

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