Video: Rick Ross Drives Erykah Badu Around in "Window Seat" Remix Called "Turn Me Away"

Erykah Badu caused some controversy a few months ago when she released her video for "Window Seat" and followed in Matt and Kim's footsteps, taking off all of her clothes, piece by piece.

Well now she's released a remix of "Window Seat" called "Turn Me Away," featuring our very own Teflon Don, Rick Ross.

The video takes place "a few days after" Badu's apparent streaking, as Ross picks her up from jail release. A few days in jail for walking around naked? Guess that's why we don't see too many naked people in New York. Badu walks toward Ross, takes off her braids -- we now see it's a wig -- and trouble ensues.

We can't tell if Rick Ross is being a good or a bad influence in

this video -- she does keep her clothes on, after all -- well, on

camera, anyway. But Ross definitely throws down some witty rhymes,

including "Always been the owner of the watch you wanna borrow/always

with the woman that you followin' on Twitter." Cute.

But Badu

quickly changes gears from classy to sassy, going from loose, straight

hair and an oversized button-up shirt to patent, latex-looking tights and sky-high stilettos,

and changing cars from a Porsche to a Plymouth. They stop at a check

cashing store, masked, and guns blazing.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think. There's a "to be continued" at the end of this four and a half minute storyline, and we can't help but keep our fingers crossed that there will be more Badu/Ross collaborations in the future.

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