Video: Local MC Serum Releases Music Video for "Brainstorm Troopah"

Local hip-hop artist Serum has been making waves with his debut album Brainstorm Troopah. But the 305-reppin' emcee isn't stopping at constant mentions of "Vice City" when it comes to his Miami love.

The music video for the album's title track has just been released, and there are enough local name drops to make your head spin.

The video, directed by Adam Rush, sets the scene with a pair of tweezers, a hand that's all peeled up writing some sort of master plan down, an empty warehouse with flickering lights, and background music so eerie we can't help but think someone's about to get offed.

The words "let it rain trains of thought" are placed across the screen as red ink (or blood) is splattered along the pages. Are we about to enter a who-done-it mystery?

Debates of lords of war versus "war lords" ensue, and the music gets creepier -- almost like your favorite horror film -- as words are cut out and glued to a page. Cue Serum, with constant face zooms so close they casually resemble Busta Rhymes' trademark chin lifting stares, minus the comic effect, of course. Woo hah, anyone?

We heard Dade County, the Miccosukee tribe, hurricane sways, and coast

guards among the local mentions. But we'll let you see for yourself.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.